What does the waterproof and water repellant mean of the smartphone?

Now a days there are many types of phones in the market. Some of these phones are water proofs, some come with water repellants or water resistant certificates and the there mean are also different. Although some smartphone users understand it the same, these three are different terms.

Water resistant:

If your device is equipped with a water resistant, then it means that it is very difficult to get water inside the phone. This technique is used in many watches, in which there is no harm to the clock even after some water splash. Similarly, water drops on the smartphones equipped with water resistant also do not cause any damage. But this does not mean that you forget to put your phone in water.

Water repellant:

If your phone is equipped with water reprent technology, it means that a thin film has been clamped on your phone or device, which will not let the water in the phone. In this device, the film is placed both inside and outside. Most companies prepare hydrophobic surfaces on the phone to protect the device from water, which does not affect the water on the device. The device equipped with this technology can stay in water much longer than normal device.


Many smartphones come with waterproof certification, which means that the phone is safe in water. Not only this, this phone can also be used for photography inside water.

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